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Thread: Whats the Deal With Laser/Radar Detectors?

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    Default Whats the Deal With Laser/Radar Detectors?

    Has anyone had extensive experience with them?

    Any good brands to note? Any reviews on the BLINDER system? It seems to be a pretty good one.

    Share your thoughts.
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    I'm guessing you saw my posts under the uniden topic...
    as said, it's the only brand I've tested, but I KNOW that it works...
    I've passed a few laser traps, exceeding the speed by 15-20km... and never gotten pulled over...
    I also tested one completely with a friend pulling the trigger on the laser.. he was never able to get me on ten runs....

    the new blinder supposedly has detection built in... it will go off when you've been hit...

    as for detectors.. the bel 985 sucks... to get rid of falsing on the ka band, they've cut down sensitivity...
    the bel 970,980, and the escort 8500 are terrific.. but will false occasionally when driving by cars with older, leaking radar detectors...
    I'm got a valentine1 arriving in the mail.... so I'll let you know how it works in comparison to my bel 970 ;-) (my bel 970 has picked up ka band nests from 2km away... K has been the same..)
    I've never known whether it picks up laser in front of me, or just when I'm hit..

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