Canít find your thread? Well donít throw a tantrum and pm the mods and admins to rant just yet.

Here are a few answers for the most frequently asked question so far this year this year. "Where is my marketplace thread?!"

If you answer ďYesĒ to any of the following, these being the most common situations, your thread has likely been tossed into the fiery Beyond.Ca Recycle Bin.

1. Does your thread violate any of the marketplace rules found HERE?

2. Did you forget to put the appropriate "FS" or "WTB" first thing in the subject line? Donít have this? Deletes without warning.

3. Are you been a grumpy salesperson? Persons not showing others respect, will get none in return. The Beyond.Ca team demonstrates this by removing your thread.

4. Do you like to bump your thread a lot? Bumping more than once a day gets your posts removed, repeated violations gets your thread removed.

5. Forget to read rule number 1? Please do.

Remember, the marketplace is a service provided free of charge to it's members. This service is a privilege and not a right, and can be revoked at any time, without warning, on a per user or forum wide level. Remember, you must be a member of for greater than 31 days to post in the marketplace, as this prevents people from signing up just to scam people, as well as to use beyond purely for the marketplace and their own personal gain alone.

Please familiarize yourself with these rules as they are strictly enforced, in order to provide the members of this large forum a far easier and more enjoyable experience. Having uniform and stringent guidelines provides an easier means to navigate and locate items with less delay; it also filters out a lot of irrelevant or meaningless clutter that just wastes space, and more importantly, your time.