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Thread: electrician vs instrument technician?

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    Default electrician vs instrument technician?

    Anyone know the difference between an electrician that is trained in industrial controls, and an instrumentation technician

    I'm thinking of going after an apprentiship so that I can make a switch to a job in mining or oi and gas.

    I've been at my current job long enough that I've decided that the learning has leveled out, yet, I still don't have a salary/schedule that is even close to someone working in industry.

    I'm currently working in as an electronics tech, alot of hands on rework and servicing, but with 15 years exp, I've had the chance to do alot of every type of technical tasks for manufacturing/ and engineering.

    I'd like to hear other people's opinion, hopefully from someone that is already working in the industry.

    How do I convince a company to apprentice an old timer like myself?

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