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Thread: The bypass bandits (home break-ins)

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    Question The bypass bandits (home break-ins)

    Have you guys heard of these 'bypass bandits' that was reported on the news last night? Apparently they are breaking into fancy homes and somehow bypassing the alarm systems even with motion detectors (hence the name). The strange thing is that all the victims have been wealthy Asians... There has to be some common thing tying all the victims together (the same investment broker??) but the cops haven't figured it out yet.

    Just a warning to some of you high rollers.

    EDIT - just saw this is the cover story on the Sun today --

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    I guess its the same thing as a car alarm system essentially. Having an alarm is bascially just for peace of mind, it deters the amateurs but is childs play for the professionals.

    No matter what the article says, its still nice to have a hiome alarm system.

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