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    Default ? about head units

    So I have a vehicle with an infinity sound system. Has 6 speakers an amp and the head unit. The vehicle has steering wheel mounted audio cotrols and the head unit is used to set the time in the information centre??

    What will happen if I go a/m?? Will the amp still be useable?? What about the controls and setting the time on the info centre??

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    you can turn on the fact amp on most infiniti systems exceot fro mthe newest ones ie those found int he 04+ Pacifica (factory 7 or 9 speaker dolby surround system).

    The amp then stays running, you just hook up the A/M's turn on lead to the fact amp turn on switch (don't know the color but its there)

    As far as steering wheel conrotls, the aftermarket needs to have a remote control or at least an IR eye; a module is available that can convert your steering wheel controls to an acceptable programmed signal to the new HU. You may lose some of the functions, but most will be there.

    In short - yes it can all be done. The steering wheel mod is $150 from A&B Sound.

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