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    Default 2000 Dodge Dakota CC

    One of the few trucks on Beyond:

    4.7L SOHC V8
    5 Spd
    3.55 LSD
    1870 kg (measured with me and 1/8th tank of fuel)
    235 hp; 295 ft-lbs (advertised)
    187 rwhp; 300 rwtq (dyno'd 100% Stock)
    New hp with turbo .. ??? 300hp ish? no dyno yet

    Custom Garrett Single Turbo (w/Spearco Intercooler)
    HO Cams
    HO Intake
    Electric fan conversion
    Ported TB
    K&N Cone & custom CAI
    Flowmaster dual exhaust cat back
    68 mm throttle body (bored out)
    High flow cat
    Rancho shocks
    Roadmaster suspension

    Current 'G-Tech' Stats (to be taken lightly):
    209 rwhp
    0-60: 8.1 (traction problems with a rwd truck? no, never)
    1/4: [email protected] (best) ; [email protected] (avg)
    <Disclaimer: I will get some real times this spring at the track>
    Still no real times with turbo

    Mods still to come:
    DONE FMS Injectors (24#)
    DONE Custom single turbo (Garrett/Turbonetics V1/V2, .6 A/R x .96 A/R turbine)
    Nicer rims (17" or so, rather than the stock 15")
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